Austin French-Arabic party was a big success!

Better late than never: here a few pictures in order to recap the French-Arabic party that took place in Austin last weekend.

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The Austin group of Français du Monde South Central USA thanks Zaytouna Lounge owner Amine Najah for hosting the party,
rabbi cantor Robbi Sherwin for singing We are peace/Nous sommes la paix/Anachnu HaShalom during a moving inauguration ceremony in which victims of terroristic attacks in Paris and around the world were remembered,
Madame Louali for her delicious couscous,
Heart of Texas pétanque club volunteers for their impressive pétanque demos and patience with learners,
Austin network for islamic studies chair Mohammad Al-Bedaiwi for his presentation of Islam, answers to sometimes tough questions, tips on ways to fight extremism as a Muslim or a non-Muslim and informative documents,
French immersion school Jean-Jacques Rousseau students (who also learn Arabic) for their fantastic performance,
Janete Mahaila for the outstanding belly dancing show she put together for us (and thanks again to Jean-Jacques Rousseau for the gift),
and French after school Education française Austin for the delicious French pastries.

Thanks also to Sahara Lounge co-owner and Zoumountchi music founder Ibrahim Aminou for stopping by, playing for us to participate in the spirit of tolerance that pervaded the day and accepting to host a French-African party in the fall. We look forward to it!

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